Photography Holidays and Breaks on the Dingle Peninsula 

Based in Dunquin and Dingle, Co. Kerry, Ireland.

Dingle Darkroom offer a variety of photography holidays, photography workshops and photography tours around the Dingle Peninsula and Co. Kerry, Ireland.  For 2018 we’ve added a new series of photography tours exploring Killarney and the Iveragh Peninsula. Check out our other photography holidays, weekend workshops and tours that offer black and white film and darkroom photography, trips to the Blasket Islands and long summer days of photography. A few of our photography holidays include a day touring and photographing the Killarney area.

Relaxing Photography Holiday

An Portan, Dunquin, Co. Kerry, Ireland

TBA 2019

Join us for a relaxing 4-day photography holiday around Dunquin, Co Kerry, Ireland with a undemanding and restful itinerary of walks, tours and activities.  Improve your photography as we discover the rugged coastline and take in spectacular views of the Blasket Islands during gentle walks. Experience the dawn and dusk with optional sunrise and sunset photography expeditions.  Explore and photograph the famous landmarks and locations made famous by the movies that have been filmed in the area including Star Wars, Ryan’s Daughter and Far and Away.

September Holiday

An Portan, Dunquin, Co. Kerry, Ireland

Tuesday 4th – Sunday 9th September 2018

Join us for 6 days of landscape and seascape photography in September 2018, based in Dunquin, Co Kerry, Ireland.  Relax and explore amazing locations as we tour the islands, beaches, cliffs, hillsides and remote valleys of County Kerry.  Improve your composition and exposure, make the best use of natural light, learning to use your camera to its full creative potential during practical group and individual sessions. Long exposure, low light, sunrise and sunset photography expeditions available every day, throughout the holiday.

B & W Darkroom Holiday

An Portan, Dunquin, Co. Kerry, Ireland

Wednesday 9th – Sunday 13th May 2018

Five days of traditional black and white film and darkroom photography during May 2018.  Based in Dunquin, Co Kerry, Ireland, you’re just a short walk away from some of the most amazing coastline, scenery and landscape in Ireland.  During this holiday you’ll be provided with a camera, film, paper and absolutely everything else you need, to be developing your film and hand printing you own photographs in our on-site darkroom.

Mid-Summer Madness

An Portan, Dunquin, Co. Kerry, Ireland

Tuesday 19th – Sunday 24th  June 2018

Six long days of photography await you during our mid-summer holiday, based at the very edge of the Dingle Peninsula, in Dunquin, close to some of the finest scenery that Ireland has to offer.  Take the ferry and visit the Great Blasket Island for a day. Tour with us as we explore the amazing landscape of the Dingle Peninsula, The Killarney National Park and County Kerry.Experience dawn and dusk photography as we burn the candle a little bit at at both ends, to make the most of the golden hours.

Beginners Weekend

An Portan, Dunquin, Co. Kerry, Ireland

Thursday 12th – Sunday 15th April 2018

Move away from your “Auto” settings and gain the confidence to use your camera to its full creative potential during our relaxing beginners’ photography weekend on the Dingle Peninsula.  Learn to control your camera with a series of practical “hands on” demonstrations and experiments that let you fully understand and use your manual and semi-automatic settings.  Best of all you get to experience and practice on a wide range of stunning landscapes and interesting subjects that are close to hand.

B & W Darkroom Weekend

An Portan, Dunquin, Co. Kerry, Ireland

Available for small groups April – September 2018

An introduction to the techniques of traditional black and white film and darkroom photography, based in Dunquin, Co Kerry, Ireland.  All the equipment and materials you need are available during the course, as you learn how to use a film camera, develop your negatives and print them as photographs in the darkroom.  There’s no shortage of subject material for our cameras as we’re just a short walk from some of the finest coastal landscapes in Ireland.

Landscape Weekend

An Portan, Dunquin, Co. Kerry, Ireland

Thursday 26th – Sunday 29th April 2018

We take a step back from the more technical side of photography and explore the artistic and creative aspects of Landscape Photography.  While visiting the extensive range of terrain and subjects across the Dingle Peninsula, we’ll explore a wide variety of locations, learning to look at the landscape first, before contemplating composition, visual flow, lighting and finally planning.  Suitable for any camera, device or phone, and tripods are welcome!

Your Photography Holiday!

Photography in South West Ireland

Your bespoke photography Holiday

From 2018 we’re pleased to announce that we’re offering photography activates throughout the entire county of Kerry and beyond. Tell us what you would like to learn, photograph, visit and experience or pick sections or complete modules from our tours, workshops and holidays. Decide on your time frame, whether it’s just a day or 10 days, and then contact us.  We can plan your photography tour, workshop and holiday and even suggest accommodation arrangements and locations if you wish.

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