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One of the fantastic things about photography on the Dingle Peninsula is the weather. We rarely get one day the same as any other and even over a couple of hours we can experience any number of different conditions, changing skies and varieties of light which make for great landscape and travel photography.
The weather can change very quickly, it’s these rapid transformations that make for exciting and dramatic photography so the odd shower or spell of rain is inevitable! There’s always time to shoot rainbows before seeking the shelter of the minibus (which is always handy) and during longer workshops we might wait out a spell of rain indoors with a hot drink and make the time up later!

Clothing & Footwear

Even on a fine summer’s day, a sea breeze can come up and it’s good to have a layer or two of clothing to put on if you feel cold, especially towards the evening. During sunny spells a wide brimmed hat (can be useful for flare control as well) and sun cream are advisable.
From autumn to spring a few layers of clothing topped off with a warm hat, coat and gloves work well (fingerless gloves with a fold away mitten tops are what I use, they let you control the camera settings without having to keep taking them on and off).
Strong footwear is recommended although wellies or waterproof boots are great for the shoreline.


It’s a good idea to bring along a drink (especially in warm weather) and a snack if you wish. On full day workshops we’ll usually return to Dingle during mid-session for a break, where a wide variety of food & refreshments are to be found. Even if we’re not near Dingle we’re never that far from shops and facilities.

Equipment & Gear

Check the information about equipment requirements on your particular workshop page, make sure cameras and devices are fully charged and have ample storage available for the workshop. Carry spare batteries and memory cards if required.
If you’re not sure how to work all the controls on your camera, bring an instruction manual or download one.
For phone and smaller devices without a tripod mount, please bring any attachment (selfie stick, phone holder etc.) that could prove useful to attach your device to a tripod.

A small rucksack is ideal for carrying any filters, lens cleaning material and any other bits and pieces.
Don’t forget your camera needs protection from the elements as well; eBay & Amazon have a range of plastic raincoats for cameras, or at a pinch a plastic or zip-lock bag can be improvised to be a rain and splash protector for your camera or device.
If you would like to hire one of the DSLRs or film SLRs (including use of a couple of different lenses, filters, cable release and film or memory card) to use on a workshop, please send us an email detailing what you would like to hire, following your booking. This is a good opportunity to try out an SLR and its features if you’re thinking of upgrading from a compact or automatic camera.

The cost of hiring one of our DLSRs or Film SLRs is €25 per workshop plus a €50 deposit on the day, this deposit will be repaid at the end of the workshop with the return of the equipment. If you are hiring a DSLR I will upload your photos and send you a private link to download them following the session. If you want to “take” your photos with you on the day, please bring a USB stick to have your photos transferred to at the end of the session.

Camera apps for Apple, Android & Windows phones and devices

These apps allow greater, and sometimes even full, manual control of your device’s camera, enabling a wide range of creative control, especially useful in low light and long exposure photography. They are essential to get the most out of the landscape, evening and early morning workshops. The Apple and Android markets have a wide range of apps that usually cost few euro.
At the moment I’m using: “Slow Shutter Cam” for Apple from the iTunes store.

Shutter Slow Cam

Camera FV-5 for Android, from Google play, do purchase the full version though as some of the settings don’t work with the lite or free version.

Camera FV-5

For Windows phones I recommend trying out proshot from the windows store.


This app is also available for Apple and Android and would seem to be a very good all round camera app for any device, I use it on Iphone and it does offer solid low light and long exposure photography options.

Dingle Darkroom Minibus

Our minibus picks you up in Dingle at a pre-arranged meeting point and time and takes you from location to location through the amazing scenery of the Dingle Peninsula. Where possible we’ll travel the smaller backroads and lanes which wind and amble through the rural heart of the peninsula as we travel between locations, sometimes stopping to take in some outstanding vistas that are never seen from the main roads.

Group Rates

Group rates apply to tours & workshops and are available on request.

Sunrise and early morning workshops

Sunrise and early morning workshops run from September to March if weather conditions look favourable. Bespoke group and one on one workshops and photography tours are available in the early hours, please contact Dingle Darkroom with your exact requirements to receive a quotation.

Tell us what you want to photograph!

Bespoke group and one on one workshops and photography tours are available, please contact Dingle Darkroom with your exact requirements to receive a quotation.

Accommodation on the Dingle Peninsula

If you are visiting the Dingle Peninsula there is generally a plentiful and wide variety of accommodation available, although festival, bank holiday and event weekends (food festival & marathon for example) can be very busy and booked up well in advance, so a good place to start your search for somewhere to stay is either or

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